Avant R Series

The Avant R series is different from the traditional Avant design in terms of steering: in the R series, the operator sits in the rear chassis on top of the engine, whereas in the other articulated Avant models the operator sits in the front chassis.

Except for the steering system, the R series is as close to other Avant models as possible and its design is based on the following machines:

  • R28 = Avant 528
  • R35 = Avant 635

High lift capacity, rigid articulation joint, telescopic loader boom and compact dimensions are common features between the R series and other Avant model series. The advantages of the R series steering system are best shown when driving along narrow corridors and in tight situations indoors. Even though the turning circle of the R series is practically the same as with other Avants, it is easier to turn with the R series in very tight situations, because the driver’s seat doesn’t extend beyond the turning radius of the wheels when turning.

  • Lift capacity 900-1050 kg
  • Lift height 2.8 m
  • Engine power 26-37.5 hp
  • Drive speed 12-14 km/h
  • Driver’s seat in the rear chassis
  • Easier to turn in narrow corridors and doorways
  • Telescopic boom as standard