Agricultural Auger

Features & Benefits

  • Replaceable pilots available in Multi Faceted Tungsten
  • 2 Round hub options available to suit your existing drive unit or drilling rig (A4 Auger)
  • Shallow pitch flights for optimum removal of spoil
  • Variety of cutting head solutions (A4 Auger)
  • Wide range of wearparts and pilots to suit most ground conditions
  • Drive adaptors & extensions available to maximise drilling depth
  • Locally made quality augers using superior materials


Drilling Conditions SOFT EARTH GENERAL
Hub Stihl Style 25 mm Round 65 mm Round
Optional Hub N / A 50.8 mm Round
Overall Length 960 mm 1200 mm
Flights (Lead) 6 mm 8 mm
Flights (Carry) 6 mm 8 mm
Teeth TS TS
Pilot PS PM-SQ
Ideal Drives One Man Borer PDD-PD4
Earth N / A 55-65
Clay N / A 45-55
Shale N / A 25-45
Heavy Rock N / A N / A

Guide is a recommendation only.