Spares and Attachments

We carry a large range of spares at our depot making it easy for customers to pop in or post these next day to you. Buckets of all sizes are kept in stock ranging from large heavy-duty sweeper buckets to small foundation. Other attachments such as breakers, mowers, yard scrapers, post hole borer etc are kept in stock.

We carry parts for Avant, Bobcat, Mustang and Messeri but we can also source parts for other manufacturers making it easy to get all your parts for your machinery in one place.

Based in Hixon near Stafford makes us easily accessible from the M6, A500 etc.

For more information, please get in touch.

Auger 20-50t

Auger 10-30t

Auger 5-10t

Auger 750kg-5t

Agricultural Auger

Trencher Up To 8t

Trencher 4.8-8t

Trencher 1.5-4.5t

Trencher 500kg-1.5t

Anchor Drive 24000-40000nm

Anchor Drive 13000-23000nm

Anchor Drive 7000-12000nm

Anchor Drive 4000-6000nm

Anchor Drive Hand Held

Auger Drive Truck Crane/Telehandler

Auger Drive Skidsteer Loader High Flow

Auger Drive Skidsteer Loader

Auger Drive Excavator 10t-20t

Auger Drive Backhoe High Flow

Auger Drive Excavator/Backhoe 5t-10t

Auger Drive Mini Excavator 2t-5t

Auger Drive Micro Excavator 750kg-2t

One Man Post Hole Borer

Gyru Star 3-150sl

Gyru Star 3-120sl

Gyru Star 3-150l

Gyru Star 3-120l

Gyru Star 3-100l

Gyru Star 6-150max

Gyru Star 5-150max

Gyru Star 4-150max

Gyru Star 4-120max

Gyru Star 3-150max

Gyru Star 3-120max

Gyru Star 3-100max

Gyru Star 6-150hdx

Gyru Star 4-150hdx

Gyru Star 3-150hdx

Gyru Star 4-120he

Gyru Star 4.100he

Gyru Star 3-120he

Gyru Star 3-100he

Gyru Star 3-80e

Gyru Star 3-60e

Gyru Star 2-100e

Gyru Star 2-50e

Side Tip Buckets

Heavy Duty Fork and Grapple

Bale Spike

Covered Canopy Broom

4-in-1 Multipurpose Buckets

Skidsteer Recycling Bucket

Skidsteer Calibrated Buckets

Skidsteer Ship Trimming Buckets

Skidsteer Poultry Litter Bucket

Skidsteer Light Material Buckets

Skidsteer Utility Buckets

Skidsteer Construction Demolition Buckets

Skidsteer Low Profile Buckets With Teeth

Skidsteer Low Profit Buckets

Skidsteer Digging Buckets With Teeth

Skidsteer Standard Buckets

Clay Spade

Excavator Grave Digging Bucket

2-3 Finger Grapple

Excavator Hammer Bracket

Ripper Tooth

Excavator Cable Bucket

Pallet Forks

Excavator Hydraulic Tilting Bucket

Excavator V Ditch Bucket

Riddle Bucket

Land Rake

Klac Bucket

Excavator Standard Weld in Bucket

Excavator Standard Pin on Buckets

Manual Couplers

Arrowhead R140 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R120 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R100 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R90 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R80 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R75 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R70 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R65 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R55 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R45 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R40 Compact R Series Hydraulic Hammer

Arrow R70s Skidsteer Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R65s Skidsteer Hydraulic Hammer

Arrowhead R55s Skidsteer Hydraulic Hammers

Arrowhead DG 200 Demolition Grapple

Arrowhead DG 80 Demolition Grapple

Arrowhead ACP 1600 Compaction Plate

Arrowhead ACP 550 Compaction Plate

Arrowhead ACP 350 Compaction Plate

Arrowhead ACP 200 Compaction Plate