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More Uses for your Compact Excavator

The compact excavator is an extremely versatile machine. The amount of attachments available for this kind of excavator is vast, meaning that the one machine is sufficient for a variety of tasks.

If you fit your excavator with a ripper, the excavator becomes perfect for prepping sites for paving and planting. The ripper can pierce through extremely tough and even frozen grounds with huge force. This will loosen any ground you wish to work with.

Augers are useful attachments for fast digging and drilling down if you are installing fences, posts, planting trees and generally digging footings for construction.

Perhaps you're after a compact excavator attachment ideal for clearing and levelling. Buckets and grapples are able to clear areas that aren't easily accessible due to fallen trees and debris. These kinds of attachments can get a firm hold of things, drag and pull effectively.

Grapples, along with breakers and clamps are also great for tearing up concrete. You might want to demolish driveways, paving, paths and rocks - these attachments can quite easily break this concrete, and also break smaller structures into smaller pieces that will be easier to clear.

For your landscaping and hardscaping needs, restructuring land and generally recreating outdoor grounds, rotating grapples are the perfect addition to your compact excavator. They are able to dig, sort, load, unload, move and place materials and land - an extremely versatile attachment for these kinds of projects.

Blades or 'back fill attachments' can also be fitted to the undercarriage of the excavator and are used for pushing any material that has previously been removed back into place - such as soil and sand.

In the winter months, thick snow can cause major problems for some people. Snow blowers in this case are used for clearing snow from streets, driveways, pavements etc. making them accessible and safe for people to go about their everyday lives.

Attachments known as stump grinders are designed for removing tree stumps of all varieties in a range of commercial, residential and agricultural settings.

The above highlights just how many functions these excavators can have should you have the right kind of attachment. Contact Robert Lee Plant for more information on excavator attachments. We can also provide the machines themselves, either plant machinery for hire or for sale.


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