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Everything You Need To Know About Backhoes

Backhoes are heavy machinery, a type of excavating equipment used for moving earth. Their construction consists of a tractor or front loader with a two part arm mounted at the back of it. At the end of the arm, a digging bucket is attached for the purpose of scooping up the earth. Backhoes are called as such because the earth or soil is drawn into the bucket backwards rather than forwards. An important feature of the backhoe is that the seat inside the tractor swivels so that the operator can face the arm and bucket without moving to another seat.

Being a type of excavating equipment used by the construction industry, backhoes are primarily used to dig up soil. One of the real pluses with using backhoes is that they can be driven to the building site rather than being towed to it, therefore saving both time and money. In a construction project, a backhoe can be used in many ways. An example of its use is during the foundation setting process. Whether you are building a house or a commercial building, an area must be dug up and levelled before the foundation can be put into place. Backhoes are a great tool for this job because they are powerful and can move across the ground easily.

Another common use of backhoes on construction sites is to remove tree roots. Whilst trees can be relatively easy to cut down, their roots often extend far beyond the location of the tree trunk and canopy. If they are left in the soil, they can cause all sorts of problems further down the track with installing utilities and irrigation systems. A backhoe therefore, can be used to quickly dig deep down into the earth and remove unwanted roots. Without this equipment, it would take literally hours if not days of hard and back breaking work to get these roots out.

Regardless of what type of property you are building, the chances are you will require underground plumbing to connect the property with a source of water, and cabling to connect with other utilities. Backhoes are again the starting point, moving soil to enable plumbing and cables to be installed.

Whilst there are different types of excavating equipment, backhoes can be better to use for a number of reasons. One major advantage is that it can cross any type of landscape, therefore giving access to parts of the site that would otherwise be difficult to get to using other machines. Being a general purpose tool, it can do things like removing dirt to clean up a construction site quickly. Furthermore, there are hydraulic attachments available for use with the backhoe which increases is functions. One example is the tiltrotator attachment, which allows the backhoe to become a tool carrier.

For more information on backhoes, or if you're considering hiring such plant machinery for a personal or business project, don't hesitate to contact Robert Lee Plant today.


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