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Bobcat T2250 Telescopic Handler

The T2250 is a compact telescopic handler that perfectly complements the current range as well as the Bobcat skid-steer loaders line.
Are you looking for a single machine to replace your current telescopic handler used in construction and agricultural applications, your industrial fork lift truck used in industrial applications and building material warehouses, your skid-steer loader used in construction, landscaping and parks and your articulated loader used in construction? The T2250 is definitely the right package.
This model offers exceptional versatility thanks to numerous attachments and ease of operation.
Its compactness is ideal for work in tight areas where low height is an advantage.
The hydrostatic transmission offers power, precision and smooth engagement contributing to the overall safety of the machine. Safety of the operator is ensured by the standard Aggravating Movements Arrestor system (AMA).
The T2250 includes the Quick-Tach system, a manually locking “telescopic” type carriage, as standard. Our Bob-Tach™ system, already available on our skid-steer loaders, is optional on the T2250 as well.
The very compact Z bar allows quick and easy dumping of all materials.
This model is equipped with a Tier III compliant engine for reduced engine emission and increased maximum torque from 268 to 275 Nm.
Get even more with tow device and electric auxiliary, matriculation plate, hydraulic lines at boom end and Attachment Control Device (ACD), rotating beacon, back-up alarm, protective grill for windshield, roof glace wiper, air conditioning, wheel wedge, transmission unlocking device, rear hydraulic auxiliary, working light on boom, set of blue lights for henhouses, boom stop, zinc painting, boom float, rear mirror, other color, carriage narrow and hydraulic locking of attachments, Bob-TachTM and manual locking of attachments as factory options.
• Hydrostatic transmission – power, precision and smooth engagement
• Joystick
• Quick-Tach or Bob-Tach™ Systems
• Roomy Cab
• 2 Speed
The T2250 is the ideal machine for work in tight areas where low height is an advantage:
• Height: 1985 mm
• Width: 1838 mm
• Length at the carriage (Bob-Tach): 3980 mm
• Turning radius: 3215 mm
Incomparable reach.
Delivering best-in-class lifting capacity at maximum reach, Bobcat Telescopic Handlers perform any task with ease and safety.
Operator Cab
The spacious cab offers the same advantages as the cab used on the current range, easy access, 360° visibility, fully adjustment steering column, adjustable suspension seat. The differences being:
• A width of 845 mm
• An instrument panel like that used in the Toolcat
• A multi-functional proportional joystick
• An inching pedal for precision movement
• An overload system which works together with the Aggravated Movements Arrestor system (A.M.A.)
• All controls and gauges are easy to access and use
Hydrostatic transmission - Power, precision and smooth engagement
All Bobcat telescopic handlers have a simple-to-use, industrial hydrostatic transmission to optimize your productivity.
• Power: Efficiency yield superior to a torque converter
• Precision travel movement thanks to the inching pedal
• Smooth engagement: ease of use in all applications and phases of operation
All features above contribute to the overall safety of the machine. Most large loaders weighing 30 tons or more have a hydrostatic transmission!!
Aggravating Movements Arrestor (AMA)
All Bobcat telescopic handlers feature the AMA, which prevents dangerous machine movements during operation. It is perfectly complemented by the longitudinal stability indicator (LSI), which clearly displays the machine’s longitudinal stability.
3 Steering Modes for Ease of Handling:
1. All-wheel steer for on-site handling
2. Crab-steer for positioning loads from side-to-side in restricted areas
3. Front-wheel steer for travel on roads
Reliable and robust: built to last
The ‘full protection’ concept ensures maximum durability through:
• Tilt cylinders and hydraulic hoses protected inside the boom
• Reinforced underside to protect the engine and other vital components when travelling over rough terrain
Engine compartment
• Engine mounted lengthwise offering optimal access for maintenance
• Reinforced base of the engine cover with maintenance hatch
• Side protection of the engine compartment
• 90A alternator and 105Ah battery as standard
Reinforced base
Base reinforced and protected as on all Bobcat machines
Quick-Tach / Bob-TachTm system
The T2250 is fitted with a manually locking “telescopic” type carriage as standard. Swapping attachments on-site can be done in a jiffy thanks to our strong and robust Quick-Tach.
The Bob-Tach™ is an option and good value mounting systems. It allows to mount attachments from our loader’s range.
Z bar
The T2250 has a very compact Z bar with a tilt/dump angle of 148º, allowing quick and easy dumping of all materials.
Boom float
This function, well known on Bobcat loaders, allows the boom to float freely for ground levelling work using the bucket, for example, or using a sweeper.
Speed Management System (SMS)
This system allows the operator to adjust electronically the speed of the T2250 without having to use the inching pedal. For example, this function allows the use of a sweeper on the road at a speed of 2 km/h without using the inching pedal. However, the operator must accelerate to control the hydraulic power of the attachment being used.
Easy maintenance, less downtime
You'll find all the components and service points in the same, easy-to-access place on every machine, thanks to the common platform and consistent design. Maintenance is a breeze and downtime is reduced.
The T2250 telescopic handlers are equipped with a new Tier III compliant engine.

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