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Bobcat T450 Tracked Loader

The Bobcat T450 is a popular 400 frame-size loader, positioned between the smallest T110 and the medium-frame T590 loader.
The T450 is the track loader equivalent of the S450 skid steer loader.
With an operating weight of 2789 kg – operator included – the machine remains easy to transport on a trailer. And with an overall width of just 1.42 m when paired with a bucket, the T450 is well-suited for accessing and working in tight jobsites – often replacing tasks previously done with manual labour and tools.
The machine’s rubber track undercarriage minimises ground disturbance to established surfaces – just 0.04 Mpa ground pressure (= 0.4 kg/cm2) – for fewer to no repairs when a project is complete.
The T450 offers great comfort and all-round visibility to allow greater control and accuracy in tight working spaces. Plus, for the first time in this class size, this compact track loader can be equipped with a fully pressurised cab and air-conditioning (both optional).
• Large cab and great operator comfort
• Air-conditioning option and pressurised cab
• Compact machine with all-round visibility
• Powerful 62 HP turbo engine with increased torque over a wide range of engine rpm
Cab innovations
The Bobcat T450 features a unique cab-forward design that moves the operator closer to the attachment and provides unmatched visibility in all directions. The new loader features the largest cab door opening on the market, offering superior visibility to the cutting edge, or the corners, of the bucket or other attachment.
The T450 incorporates a keyless start to help prevent theft. It also offers the following options:
• 2-speed drive system for faster travel when desired,
• air-conditioning with pressurised cab,
• deluxe instrumentation panel that intelligently monitors key loader functions – including fuel consumption.

Multiple engine advantages
The 2.4-liter turbo engine in the T450 provides an ample 62 HP for tackling the toughest jobs. This new Stage IIIB compliant engine features a non-diesel particulate filter (non-DPF) engine solution, which was achieved by designing an ultra-low particulate combustion (ULPC) engine with a specially designed combustion chamber that significantly reduces the amount of particulate matter created during combustion.
Prior to this engine, engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures were monitored – and, if these functions fell outside their normal operating ranges, the system alerted the operator and shut down the machine to prevent catastrophic damage. Now, with the new engine, machine shutdown is still possible – but, instead of shutdown being the only solution, the system monitors coolant and oil temperatures, and manages the engine, to prevent them from reaching a point where the machine must shut down. This prevents engine damage, minimises engine wear and keeps you working.

More muscle power, yet easy to transport
To efficiently accomplish more work, the T450 has the same increased hydraulic performance as the other M-series Bobcat loader models. The hydraulic system on the T450 has been engineered for higher pressures, providing increased attachment performance. The T450 offers 25% more horsepower than the K-series T140 loader it replaces. The higher horsepower and increased lift capacity – yet, with a lower operating weight – make the T450 a top performer and easily transportable from job site to job site.

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