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Bobcat E25 Excavator

The Bobcat E25 is designed for reliability, operator comfort, smooth workgroup control and superior hydraulic performance. The E25 offers numerous customer advantages and new technologies that are not yet available on many of the compact excavators currently in the market.
The E25 has an operating weight of 2.571 kg (including cabin and standard bucket), this in combination with the excellent stability.
• Excellent stability and transportability
• Smooth and powerful hydraulics
• Uncompromised operator comfort
• Great reliability and durability
• Easy service accessibility
Excellent stability and transportability
By optimizing the weight of the workgroup using the proven “4-plate box” technology, the center of gravity has been moved towards the back of the excavator. As a result, the E25 does not require any additional counterweight. Thanks to the optimized weight, the E25 can be transported by trailer more easily.
Smooth and powerful hydraulics
Thanks to a new main control valve, optimized pump and higher working pressure, the hydraulic system allows smooth, quick and simultaneous operations in combination with powerful digging forces.
Uncompromised operator comfort
A major feature on the E25 is the incorporation of the same cab used on the Bobcat range 3 to 5 tonne compact excavators. Operator comfort and ample entry space have always been very important features of Bobcat compact excavators and the Bobcat E25 does not compromise these features. This also counts for the improved operator noise level.
• Joystick controlled boom swing
Boom swing is controlled by a thumb wheel located on the left joystick, instead of the pedal control used on many competitive machines of this size. This feature allows for improved controllability (metering) of the boom swing as well as offering more floor space for the operator.
• New auto-shift travel motors
A new feature offered by the Bobcat E25 is the auto-shift travel motor which allows an automatic transition of speeds. The machine shifts automatically from low to high speed or vice versa, providing superb travel performance in any working condition. The operator activates this feature by simply pushing the button on top of the blade control lever.
• More ergonomic design
Travel controls with new cast aluminum pedals enable smooth, precise control of the machine. When not in use, the pedals can fold forward for maximum foot room and easy cab clean-out. The travel levers are positioned adjacent to each other, allowing easy drive control, even with one hand if necessary. This makes it easier to backfill as the operator can steer with one hand while adjusting the blade with the other one.
Great reliability and durability
Computer-aided design, highly durable materials and structures which are endurance-tested under extreme conditions contribute to improved reliability and extended service life.
The E25 is designed so all daily maintenance points are easy to access through the rear tailgate, right hand side cover, removable grill and side panels on both sides of the excavator.

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