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Bobcat S70 Skidsteer Loader

The S70 is the most compact skid-steer loader in the range.
• Cab – comfort
• Transverse mounted engine – serviceability
• Wide range of attachments – versatility
Thanks to its radius lift pattern, this short wheel base machine is ideal when it comes to tackling jobs in spaces too tight for other equipment.
More than 20 attachments turn this mini loader into a versatile model.
The operator-friendly cab (low noise, less vibrations, easy entry and exit, excellent visibility, improved safety, upgraded instrument panel with additional functionalities and diagnostic capabilities) passes through openings less than 92 cm wide by 182 cm high!
The Bobcat S70 is also easy to transport, giving you the benefit of handling multiple tasks at multiple sites in a single day.
Perfect for equine and farming use to get into small spaces.
Get even more with the Deluxe heated cab and the narrow or heavy duty tires available as factory options.

• The S70 is 901 mm wide, 1814 mm high and 2553 mm long with a 36”/91 cm General purpose bucket attached.
• An operating weight of 1268 kg allows easy transport on a trailer behind a medium sized car.
• The engine performance of the 3-cylinder D1005-E3B KUBOTA engine; 22.5 HP (16.8 kW net)
• The hydraulic flow and a 37 l/min pump capacity
• 10% overall improvement in cycle times compared to previous 463 Bobcat
• The lift arms have been reinforced
• Offset rims with stronger wheel studs (like on the bigger loaders)
• The controls centering method has been reviewed, eliminating torsion springs
• Stronger pump-mount casting and new engine mounts will contribute to a more durable machine.
• A newly designed belt drive with automatic tensioner.
Operator comfort
• Excellent visibility to the sides and front
• Headlights providing outstanding light in the work area
• Easy-to-remove top and rear windows (no tools needed)
• Less vibrations due to the new pump-mount casting and the new engine mounts
Though this engine class is not yet required according to European Regulations, Bobcat has taken the lead to install a cleaner D1005 Kubota engine that reduces the Particulate Matter emissions (PM) by 50% versus the previous generation.
Bobcat provides additional safety by means of the auxiliary interlocks. The operator must press “push to operate” to activate the auxiliary hydraulics. If the seat-bar is raised and lowered again, the “push to operate” button must be pressed again in order to activate.
New instrument panel
The S70 is equipped with an improved instrument panel providing additional functionalities and diagnostic capabilities as the remote starting of machine with service tool.
The Bobcat transmission features a center chain tank design with several competitive advantages:
• A “bow-tie” drive chain design using pre-stressed, heavy-duty drive chains #60 HS in two short continuous loops per side
• Maintenance-free, except for a 1000-hour oil change
• Keel-shaped belly pan & greater ground clearance for a better enhanced performance and manoeuvrability
• Heat-treated, large-diameter axles for a longer component life
• Welded axle tubes with tight tolerances
• “Flat top” transmission and adhesive sealing for a better cover sealing and reduced leakage
• Belt drive with automatic tensioner
• No chain or tensioning adjustment needed.

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