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Avant Robot 185 Demolition Robot

A low centre of gravity means better stability, safety and as a result – better productivity. Avant Robot 185 has all its main hydraulic and electronic components contained within the lower carriage for the lowest possible centre of gravity. Contrary to traditional demolition robots and excavators, majority of its total working weight lies below the slewing ring, providing unmatched stability.
Avant Robot 185 features compact design without compromising on efficiency or reach. The unique design and boom geometry take usability to the next level. Equipped with telescopic boom, the maximum vertical reach is 5,5 m, while horizontal reach is 4,5 m.
Easy to use, remote controlled 5-speed adjustment for movements provides more adaptability when and where it’s needed; from slow, surgical precision to high-speed operation.
Avant Robot 185 is easy and flexible to operate with its continuous 360º rotation. Parallel drive of tracks and boom add to operator comfort. In addition, the upper carriage can be removed while the lower carriage with tracks can be driven separately, allowing lower transport height and weight in demanding conditions. The upper carriage is quick and easy to reinstall at job sites.

Built For Purpose
Besides stability, one of the main features of Avant Robot 185 is reliability. It is demonstrated with robust design that is packed with high quality components. Heavy duty steel plates protect hydraulics, electronics, frame and tops. Special polycarbonate covers protect cylinders.
Service friendly design comes as standard. The few parts that require maintenance have an easy access. The change of tracks is quick and simple, while automatic hydraulic track tensioning system ensures they are always at optimum tightness.

The machine is equipped with reliable EPEC computer and user interface. Heavy duty color display guides the operator and stores a vast amount of machine operation data. It also provides alarm and failure reports, and indicates service needs. Several user parameters can be modified with EPEC to meet the needs of the operator and application.
As with all Avant products, demolition robots have excellent spare parts availability and a global customer support network.

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