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 On Facebook last week we said we will be running a price giveaway once we get close to 1000 page likes.....

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Published : Thursday 22nd August 2019


Avant Roadshow Finance Deals!

Click below to find the latest information on the finance deals available this Tuesday 16th July at the AVANT Roadshow 2019 hosted by Robert Lee (PLANT) Ltd

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Published : Friday 12th July 2019


AVANT Roadshow Event 2019 - ONLY 1 WEEK TO GO!


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Published : Wednesday 10th July 2019


Robert Lee (PLANT) Ltd are proud to be hosting the Avant Roadshow 2019

Robert Lee (PLANT) Ltd are proud to be hosting the Avant Roadshow 2019 at our very own Headquarters in Staffordshire. To help celebrate 25 years of Avant Techno in the UK there will be over 15 machine models and attachments on display, put these mean green machines to the test on our large grass arena. There will be savings to be made on all Avant products and 0% finance exclusively for the event! Refreshments will be available, a chance to get your hands on official merchandise and a chance to meet with the experts from Avant Techno UK and of course the MD and the rest of the team of Robert Lee (PLANT) Ltd. 

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Published : Wednesday 10th July 2019


Staffordshire County Show 2019 Success!

It was a great couple of days at this years Staffordshire County Show!!! Thank you to everyone who came to look around our patch and say Hi ????????????And thank you to those that made an enquiry or placed an order for machines or parts with us at the event...as promised you have received your exclusive event discounts!!! ????????????

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Published : Wednesday 5th June 2019


We are attending the Staffordshire County Show for the 22nd year running!

Come and see us at the Staffordshire County Show Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th May and take advantage of these EXCLUSIVE event offers!!!




We will have a range of machinery and parts on display and Rob and Andy will be available for a chat throughout the day!

*Offers only available when taken up at the event. Offers will not be held.

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Published : Thursday 16th May 2019


AVANT Roadshow Event 2019 @ Robert Lee (Plant) Ltd HQ!

We are proud to be hosting the AVANT roadshow taking place at our very own headquarters in Hixon, Stafford on Tuesday 16th July...

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Published : Tuesday 14th May 2019


We Are Now Authorised Arrowhead Rockdrill Dealers!

We are pleased to be authorsied dealers and now supply all Arrowhead Rockdrill products.

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Published : Friday 22nd April 2016


New Avant Loader!

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Published : Tuesday 12th April 2016


Choosing the Right Tyre for Your Excavator

When choosing a set of new tyres for your excavator you will typically be presented with two primary choices - pneumatic and solid skid steer. Ultimately, this decision will be determined by your type of excavator and its operating functionality. Both types of tyre have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, as well as certain applications they are best suited to. Continue reading on to find out the differences between solid skid steer tyres and pneumatic tyres.

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Published : Monday 13th April 2015


JCB Paints Digger Pink For Charity

As you are probably aware most JCB machinery is coloured in the infamous bright yellow colour. However as a one of a 22-tonne JCB excavator was painted pink for Waitings Drainage & Pipline Contractors in order to raise thousands for Eden Valley Hospice based in Carlisle and the Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland.

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Published : Thursday 5th February 2015


Improve Forklift Safety With Real-Time Monitoring Technology

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently released some figures that paint a very bleak picture for the forklift truck industry and forklift safety in general. Perhaps the most adverse statistic is the 6th place positioning on OSHA's top 10 list of safety offenders. This is due to the rise in number of safety violations throughout 2014 when compared with the previous year.

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Published : Sunday 25th January 2015


How To Prevent The Theft of Your Plant Machinery

Tools and equipment are highly valuable items, regardless of their age or how many of their parts have been replaced or repaired. To an opportunist thief, plant machinery is much like a car or expensive technology in terms of cash value, so it's important to make sure that your plant is protected and has enough security surrounding it, to make theft as difficult as possible.

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Published : Monday 27th October 2014


Major Political Parties Prioritise Home-grown Manufacturing in Run Up to 2015 General Election

With the General Election looming ever closer, the major political parties are on full alert and trying to cover the current issues faced by the British public. According to a YouGov poll, a distinct majority of voters are calling for the government to revive some of Britain's declining manufacturing trade and industry, to make our national economy more prosperous. The British public want reassurance that the country's economic stability will be invested in and boosted, with Britain taking on the role of a major manufacturer and exporter, as it has in more prosperous times.

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Published : Thursday 25th September 2014


What's The True Cost Of Avoiding A Risk Assessment?

Managing health and safety at work means that business owners are required by law to carry out regular risk assessments for their employees. Risk assessments identify potential hazards in the workplace that can have detrimental effects on an individual's health and in some cases cause serious injury, ill health, and even death.

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Published : Monday 15th September 2014


Young People Look to Apprenticeships as GCSE and A-level Results Are Released

There was celebration and some commiseration across the UK in the last week as A-level and GCSE results were opened by expectant students in schools and colleges. The press analysed the various statistics at length, with the gap between boys and girls' A-level results proving to be at its largest in 11 years, and the pass rate of GCSEs falling from 98.8% to 98.5%.

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Published : Wednesday 20th August 2014


Winter Is Coming: Why Does Snow Bring Britain To A Standstill?

For some it's painfully early to start thinking about winter and Christmas, but if last year's reports are anything to go by, local councils across Britain will have already planned to stockpile salt to grit roads, and make travel as easy as possible. Perhaps it's because we're unused to difficult winter weather, and are usually struck by only a few days or a couple of weeks every year, but the frantic news reports and panic that often ensues can be expected each year. So why are we so bad at dealing with snow?

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Published : Wednesday 13th August 2014


The Best Bobcat Attachments You Can't Do Without

Businesses across the globe will concur the immeasurable value of skid steers in their industrial environment. The original manufacturers of the skid steer loader, Bobcat, are one of the leading providers in the industry and thousands of businesses rely upon their expertise to assist their businesses performance and efficiency. These strong yet compact pieces of equipment are vital to any industrial site that regularly lifts or manoeuvres heavy loads, and their extreme agility make them perfect for even the smallest working area and have their own interchangeable range of attachments to suit the function required by the operator at that particular time.

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Published : Wednesday 19th February 2014


The Benefits of Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders

Skid steers are invaluable pieces of equipment to any industrial environment needing to load and lift equipment or goods. Many businesses find that the conventional lifting equipment such as forklift trucks are too large for the working space, and so skid steers provide the perfect solution. Skid steers loaders are compact vehicles able to operate in the smallest of spaces with superb manoeuvrability. Able to turn on a sixpence, these agile lifting machines have powered arms that are capable of loading and moving heavy loads with ease where a forklift would fail due to lack of room for leverage. The skid steer loaders are extremely versatile as they have a range of attachments that can be added to the arms to adapt to the loads to be lifted. This makes them ideal for use on construction sites where loads may differ and vary in type and weight.

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Published : Thursday 9th January 2014


Everything You Need To Know About Backhoes

Backhoes are heavy machinery, a type of excavating equipment used for moving earth. Their construction consists of a tractor or front loader with a two part arm mounted at the back of it. At the end of the arm, a digging bucket is attached for the purpose of scooping up the earth. Backhoes are called as such because the earth or soil is drawn into the bucket backwards rather than forwards. An important feature of the backhoe is that the seat inside the tractor swivels so that the operator can face the arm and bucket without moving to another seat.

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Published : Thursday 12th September 2013


More Uses for your Compact Excavator

The compact excavator is an extremely versatile machine. The amount of attachments available for this kind of excavator is vast, meaning that the one machine is sufficient for a variety of tasks.

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Published : Tuesday 27th August 2013